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Rafter upgrades McKay tube mill

RAFTER Equipment Corporation has

shipped a new RT-3000 tube mill re-top

and drive train upgrade for a major North

American automotive tube producer. The

equipment will replace older McKay tube

mill equipment that is worn, difficult to

maintain and has outlived its useful life.

The McKay machine had integral roll

stands and gearboxes making it difficult

tomaintain and to upgrade the drive train.

By switching to conventional universal-

shaft driven roll stands, the drive train

can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

In this case, the addition of a four-speed

transmission allows for both high torque

on the more difficult products and high

speed on the easier products. The

customer’s existing mill drive system

and motors will be utilised.

Rafter worked with the customer to

ensure compatibility with their existing

mill base and HFI welding equipment.

The new driven and idle side roll stands

are mounted on sub-plates that will be

permanently secured to the existing mill

bases without the need to change the

passline height of any of the ancillary

equipment. These roll stands include

mainy updated features to reduce and

simplify maintenance. In addition, the

roll stands will be more robust than the

ones they replace.

Rafter Equipment Corporation is a

manufacturer of tube mills, pipe mills,

roll forming machines, cutoff machines

and other related tube and pipe mill

machinery. Additional services include

rebuilding and upgrading mill equipment.

Originally started in 1917, the Rafter

name is known for reliable, high-quality

tube mill and roll forming equipment.

Rafter Equipment Corporation




Universal Tube to rebuild

Abbey Etna 3X tube mill

UNIVERSALTube &RollformEquipment

Corp, a worldwide supplier of used

tube, pipe and rollform machinery, was

commissioned by a returning customer

in the first quarter of 2016 to rebuild an

Abbey Etna 3X tube mill.

Universal Tube custom built a new

weld section for the tube mill. The

custom-built base was topped with

a new two-roll weld box and an EPU

(seam guide).

Universal Tube built the base, and

installed the weld box, EPU and a new

double scarfing unit with automatic

quick-lift tool holders to complete the

weld base components. The weld

base was then installed in-line with the

tube mill.

Universal Tube & Rollform imple-

mented a complete re-work of the

Abbey Etna 3X tube mill to match the

customer’s existing line. The re-work

included new spindles as required, all

new bearings and seals, re-worked

side closers, and new AC motors and

AC vector control system provided by

Universal Controls Group.

For over a quarter of a century

Universal Tube & Rollform has supplied

used tube, pipe and rollform machinery.

This latest order is an example

of how the company has expanded

its capabilities to better serve the

requirements of a growing and diverse

customer base. Its partnership with

controls supplier Universal Controls

Group has enabled it to offer a wide

array of services.

Universal Controls Group offers

expandable mill control systems that

are pre-engineered or custom built to

customer specifications.

Universal Tube & Rollform

Equipment Corp


Fax: +1 419 874 2825



Rafter has shipped a new RT-3000 mill

Roll machining technologies and solutions

ROLL Machining Technologies and

Solutions has been offering tube mill

operator training for many years. It

continues to listen to its customers’

needs and to evolve training to make it

relevant to every individual plant.

In the first half of 2016 there has been

a dramatic increase in the amount of

new and refresher training that has been

requested. Rick Olson, RMTS president,

stated: “The onsite operator training

we provide is second to none. The

operators are learning from people who

have been in their shoes. We take the

operator approach and teach from our

hands-on experience in these situations.

That is the best way one can teach the

troubleshooting skills the operator needs

to perform at their best.”

RMTS will develop a training class

for any specific product and teach the

operators safe working habits that will

increase efficiency and productivity.

Each operator that completes the training

is awarded a certificate of completion as

an RMTS certified tube mill operator.

RMTS also offers several classes on its

exclusive series of DVDs so companies

can offer operators new training and

refresh training at their own pace.

Roll Machining Technologies