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Dual-capacity, high frequency tube mill

T&H LEMONT has delivered a new

dual-capacity quick-change tube mill

system, developed to handle increasing

demands for JIT deliveries of welded

tubular products. The dual-capacity

mill will allow for a greater range of

production diameters in a minimum

amount of floor space.

In effect, the dual-capacity mill gives

the tubing producer the ability to produce

a range of tubing normally produced on

two mills. It also represents a smaller

initial investment to produce a larger

range of tubing diameters.

The entire entry and exit equipment

remains unchanged, as does the basic

mill base and drive system.

The dual capacity of the mill is

achieved by two sets of quick-change

subplates designed to mount on a

single base system and utilise one

drive system.

In this instance, one set of subplates

with 3.5" shafts was designed for

producing tubing from 1.25" to 5",

and a second set of subplates with 6"

shafts was designed to produce tubing

from 2.5" to 8" diameter. The distance

between the stands is optimised for the

diameter of tubing produced on each

set of subplates.

As with all quick-change systems, one

set of subplates is in production while

the second set of subplates is available

for change-over.

The mill, which produces standard

mechanical rounds as well as hollow

structural shapes, is designed to

utilise the customer’s overhead crane

to change over the subplates. The

subplates are held to the base by a

hydraulic clamping system, allowing

them to be connected and disconnected

from the base quickly and efficiently.





technologies to produce products such

as stainless steel hypodermic needles,

communication cables, flexible tubular

products, high-strength welded and

roll-formed shapes and large diameter

API pipe.

In addition to complete production

systems, the company provides a

variety of components and services

to the tube, pipe and roll-forming

industries. Services include tube and

pipe roll design and manufacturing, mill

alignment and operational consulting.

Components offered by T&H

Lemont include welders, cut-offs,

entry equipment, accumulators, pre-

punch, post-punch, seam orientation

stands, weld boxes, edge conditioners,

bead scarfing systems, straightening

systems, single point adjustment

systems, dedimplers, blades, jaws and

roll shafts.

T&H Lemont Inc


Fax: +1 708 482 1802



Quick-change tech for mills and roll forming

RAFTER Equipment Corporation has

introduced a new patented Mill-Flip


quick-change technology for tube mill and

roll forming machines that promises part-

to-part changeovers in 15 minutes or less.

The new system requires no

special mill stands or roll tooling, no

complicated mill drive connections or

electrical controls systems, no special

operator or maintenance training, and

no overhead cranes or special raft

handling equipment. It features the

ability to quickly break into a production

run and quickly go back to the previous

product, as well as built-in redundancy

for increased line up-time, and no

infringement on the operator’s side of

the mill during changeovers.

The company also manufactures tube

mills, pipe mills, roll forming machines,

flying cut-offs and other related mill

machinery. Its business includes the

retrofit and replacement of common

tube mill components, including driven

roll stands, idle side roll stands, weld

squeeze boxes, weld upset bead

removal equipment (OD bead trimmers)

and turkshead type straighteners.

Rafter Equipment Corp


Fax: +1 440 572 3703



Complete line for precision steel tubes

TUBE mill equipment supplier ASMAG

has shipped a complete line to

manufacture up to 4" high-precision steel

tubes to a customer in the USA. The

comprehensive line comprises a fully

automated 600kN triple draw bench with

integrated pointing machine, and a fully

automated finishing line consisting of a

ten-roll straightener RRM-pro-100/10,

testing table, multiple sawing line,

chamfering units and a stacking, bundling

and banding system.

The requirements of the line were to

achieve savings on production costs

and a simultaneous increase in quality

of the products made. Modern drive

technology and innovative machinery

concepts in addition to a high degree of

automation allow for faster production

speed and higher availability of the line.

The placement of all equipment in-line

and the resulting elimination of manual

material handling between the individual

components of the line resulted in

significant reduction of scrap.

The customer benefits from ASMAG’s

quality and consistent manufacturing

standards, a single point of contact, and

seamless integration of all machinery,


comprehensive line. Together with

Seuthe, the ASMAG group of companies

focuses on design, manufacture, supply

and service of solutions and equipment

for the manufacture of high quality steel,

stainless steel and non-ferrous metal

tube, pipe, profile, bar and wire products.


– Austria

Fax: +43 7616 880144