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eeping your haul trucks




availability and finding

ways to keep downtime to

a possible minimum, is an

important part of ensuring

good haul truck productivity. When it

comes to issues of haul truck uptime, one

critical issue that never gets the attention

it should is the lining change-out process

for truck bins. While it is not a regular

process to deal with, long shutdowns,

mainly due to welding work or time

consuming shipments of truck boxes for

box refurbishment and lining change-outs,

may wreak havoc to production timelines

due to the amount of downtime involved.

The Metso haul truck rubber lining is a

solution that acts as a barrier to protect

the truck bin from the repeated impact

and stress of loading and dumping heavy,

abrasive material that can cause expensive

damage to the box and truck as a whole.

Officially introduced locally at Electra

Mining Africa 2016 in September last

year, Metso’s modular rubber lining

system reduces impact, wear, carry-back

and noise. “It’s tough enough to squeeze

maximum profitability out of a mining or

aggregate operation. Unproductive trucks

make it even tougher,” reasons Julian

Steinmann, sales specialist, Screening

Media and Lining Solutions at Metso South

Africa, adding that Metso’s haul truck

rubber lining is designed to maximise the

availability of haul trucks, while reducing

service and maintenance.

Michael Gyberg, global support manager

Nordics, Europe, Africa & Middle East,

Screening Media and Lining Solutions at

Metso, says the Metso rubber lining was

developed from years of on-site experience

in some of the toughest conditions. The

optimised rubber lining is said to offer four or

more times service life than traditional steel

lining. “In addition, once it is time to make

any change-out, only a few individual lining

modules need to be replaced,” says Gyberg.

Savings abound

According to Gyberg, once the Mesto haul

truck lining has been installed, fleet owners

don’t need to worry about expensive

unplanned maintenance or regular lining

system adjustments. The modular design

makes the lining easier to install and

maintain than traditional steel options.

This is further boosted by the possibility to

only replace individual modules instead of

the entire lining.

“You can easily arrange for the quick



During loading and unloading, a dump truck bin receives the greatest amount

of wear from severe abrasion, while noise and vibrations have their fair

share of impact on the operator. With that in mind, Metso has launched its

haul truck rubber lining said to absorb impact way better than steel, writes

Munesu Shoko.

The Metso had truck rubber lining acts as a barrier to protect the

truck bin from impact and stress of loading and dumping.