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Metso’s rubber lining due to the reduced

noise level and vibrations during operation.

Safety and comfort

The loud noises and strong vibrations

associated with driving a haul truck can

make the job sometimes uncomfortable,

and this can have a drastic effect on the

overall productivity of the driver. Truck

drivers belong to a group of workers that

is most exposed to whole-body vibrations

and noise. Regular exposure can cause

damage to the body, hearing loss, stress,

high blood pressure and fatigue – serious

symptoms of health and safety problems.

Employers are constantly working on

ways to improve the conditions of their


The loud noise from loading and dumping

material with a haul truck affects both

drivers and the surroundings. Improving

the function of the truck bed lining is one

way of addressing this problem.

Metso’s rubber truck bed lining improves

the working environment for drivers in a

number of ways. The rubber lining absorbs

impact better than steel and reduces

noise by an average of 10-15 decibels –

the effect of cutting noise in half or more.

Moreover, measurements show that a

rubber-lined truck bed absorbs up to 95%

of the energy from the impact during

loading. Consequently, the vibration is

dissipated before reaching other parts of

the truck structure, including the operator

cabin. This means that the operator can

feel and hear the difference when sitting

in the cabin during loading and dumping.

“Metso haul truck rubber lining absorbs

vibrations and reduces stress at every point

in the truck work cycle – during loading,

transport and loading,” says Gyberg.

Today, safety is a key priority for

aggregates producers, mines and their

related contractors. A well-functioning

working environment is key in improving

safety. A guaranteed and standardised stud

welding process for easy handling also

ensures that the lining is firmly installed to

increase safety during operation.

Crusher protection

As part of its lining solutions focus,

Metso also used Electra Mining to show

its protective lining for crushers, which is

designed for the countershaft, mainframe

and locknut. It is available for its line of

crushers including HP800, MP800, MP1000

and MP1250 models. Since last November

the main frame protective range is

extended to the complete HP range.

Mesto’s protective lining is also said

to offer four times or more wear life

than the steel lining option. The solution

is designed and specified in a seamless

process to fit selected crusher models.

The “ready-to-install” package fits directly

to the crusher and enables quick and safe

change-outs. There is no need for rework

or welding to adapt the lining which opens

up for shorter stops and further increases

crusher availability.

Metso protective lining is made of

Trellex Poly-Cer, which is a combination

of rubber and ceramic, designed to be

extremely resistant to abrasion even in

high material flows and speeds. The design

and composition is said to result in long

wear life and guarantees lower operating

costs over time.


The rubber lining absorbs impact better than steel and reduces

noise by 10-15 decibels.

Metso's protective lining offers four

times or more wear life than steel