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March 2015


Windak Group

Booth 1940

Windak provides intelligent material handling and packaging

solutions with almost 20 years of experience in wire, cable and

automotive industries and has offices in Sweden, USA, Australia

and Estonia.

Windak packaging equipment includes automatic coilers and

spoolers, payoffs and take-ups, rewind lines, palletising and pallet

handling systems.

The company is a large supplier of automatic packaging

equipment for the cable industry in North America. It has

delivered its products to 30 countries worldwide.

Windak will introduce the SW6-14, a dual head spooler developed

for fully automatic packaging of cable and wire products onto

spools between 165mm (6.5") and 360mm (14") in overall

diameter. It can be run both in line applications and offline

applications. Full line integration can include an automatic

palletiser, film unit, pallet conveyor, reel labeller, test equipment

and meter marking on the cable.

The SW6-14 loads and unloads the spools automatically. The cut

ends are secured with stretch wrap. The SW6-14 uses the same

reliable catch cut mechanism as the high-speed SW6 spoolers.

This proven design allows for a stop time of approximately one

second. The short stop time increase the line output up to 30-40

per cent against traditional spoolers.

The SW6-14 offers maximum flexibility and high output.

Windak Group – Estonia



Zumbach Electronic AG

Booth 1540

Zumbach will showcase its broad range of dimensional

measurement and inspection systems for rod and bar mills, and

wire drawing, wire insulating and cable jacketing processes.

Existing technology to be featured includes ODAC® laser scanning

diameter gauges with new three-axis models for diameters down

to 0.0024" (0.06mm); DVO 2 and DVW 1 oscillating devices for

ODAC® gauges; MSD diameter and ovality gauges with novel

linear sensor technology; ODEX® non-contact diameter and

The SW6-14 dual head spooler fromWindak