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“Dusya is going to steal your husband.”

“Shteal??” Dusya asks to make sure.

“What?” Manya’s totally on fire now, like a match put to

discarded flax waste. “Dusya?”

“See, if that jack were on the right side, then something

could miscarry, but when the jack is on the left… With the

nine of spades on top yet. The outcome is totally certain.

Later she’ll give him back,” Laura comforts her.

Laura wants to finish, because she senses that she has got

entangled and in too deep, has lied through her teeth and

talked a lot of rot, and hasn’t eaten breakfast. Just that

cuckoo’s mouthful. Laura anticipates her soul’s destruction

and wreckage.

“The cards no longer want to talk,” she announces. “Do you

want me to lay out some Solitaire for you?”

Rita’s mama doesn’t want her to, she’s got a lot to think

over. But Manya does. How will Dusya steal and how will

she give back her husband? Manya also says a couple of

vulgar words about Dusya. Dusya doesn’t understand

anything, because that

sobachiy yazik –

dog’s language she’s

certainly not going to learn! Besides she doesn’t have any


, which could revive her spirit. Just indolent