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dreams are fluttering around Dusya. How she’s going to go

to the kolkhoz’s granary. How she’ll show her tits to the

White Negro. How she’ll again manage to get some




davai –

go on then!

“Do you want the short or the long Solitaire? The Chinese

Plait or Napoleon’s Grave?”

“What kind of a grave?” Manya’s never heard of Solitaire,

but she’s suddenly afraid.

“I can lay out Klondike or the common Solitaire. The

common one is the best.”

Laura stresses this, because she’s afraid that Manya may

choose the Chinese Plait, or worse still – Napoleon’s Grave,

which is a hard Solitaire and which Laura hasn’t managed

to learn. Ciganka Maldovanka was teaching her, but didn’t

manage to get as far as Napoleon’s Grave. Madalina went

back to her country, and Laura – to hers.

“Laura isn’t going to lay out Solitaire for you. The cards are

angry with you and I don’t have the time now.”

Laura throws the cards on the table! After all Laura is a

busy person.