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nyemagu – I

can’t – this is too much!” Dusya can’t help

but laugh at Laura, who’s talking in Russian.

Just wait, Dusya, you just wait, soon you won’t laugh any

more. Laura senses that the women are putty in her hands,

just like the cards. The big, fat women with smelly armpits

and feet. Laura senses the power she has. Power is pleasant,

it’s sweet and exhilarating. It spreads in Laura like a

peacock’s tail, expands like the dealt cards from the deck in

her hand. Who owns the revenge? Laura does!

“Quiet, you old biddies! To whom will my husband return?”

“To Manya!” Laura announces. Laura will forecast this for

Manya, take this!

What bullshit are you, small asshole, spouting? I have


my own husband!”

What kind of a husband is that? Have you been to the


the registry office with him?” Rita’s mama attacks Manya.

“Aha, how did the


help you? He left despite the


!” Manya doesn’t give up.

“That’s not all,” Laura interrupts. “The ace of diamonds.”



– what’s that?” now also Manya wants to know.