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mama draws back her hand. She obeys, obeys Laura! “Pull

out four cards.”

Rita’s mama pulls them out. It’s just a joke.

“Now, four more. Just don’t look at them! Do you want your

eyes to rot away? “Laura screeches. “Place them on top of

the first ones.” Laura commands.

Manya looks on, Dusya falls silent. In Laura’s hand the

cards have been fanned out like a peacock’s tail.

“Well, what is it now?” Rita’s mama can’t wait, as Laura

studies the cards and knits her brow forming deep wrinkles.

“You can still change your mind if you really want to know.

Sometimes it’s better not to know,” Laura says with

empathy, just as Ciganka Moldovanka used to say.

“Of course, I want to hear.”

“Your husband will come back,” Laura knows that Rita’s

papa has abandoned them.

“Ah, what did I tell you? Ah, what did I say? No need to tell

fortunes for that!” Manya bubbles.