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“Nobody’s telling you your fortune! What does it mean

Laurie?” Rita’s mama has never really trusted Manya, now

shortly her suspicions will be confirmed.

“By itself it doesn’t mean anything. It has to be looked at

together with other cards,” Laura doesn’t hide her great

knowledge. “The six of spades!” Laura drags out lengthily

what she has to say because she senses that her knowledge

is slowly coming to an end.

“What does that mean?”

“The queen of hearts. That’s you, and it means that there

will be a great misfortune.”

“What else now?” Rita’s mama moans, she’s totally crushed.

Laura remembers little Ivars, and she suddenly feels a bit

sorry for Rita’s mama.

‘But you can avoid it,” Laura gives her hope.


“From this moment on, keep all your thoughts to yourself,

don’t tell anyone anything, because close to you there’s a

terribly envious person,” Laura warns her.