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Rita’s mama looks now at Manya, now at Dusya. Manya too

looks at Dusya.

“What’s that child saying?” Dusya asks worriedly. No one


“If you’ll keep quiet, the misfortune will pass you by.” Laura


“But the upper echelons? What about that? I won’t be sent

to Siberia, will I?” Rita’s mama worries.

“Don’t be afraid, only honest and upright people are sent

there. Don’t hope and don’t feel sad! The jack of spades will

want to marry the queen of hearts.” She’s the mother of her

friend, after all.


“Yes, via the upper echelons.”

“Dear God, via the office? There’s only bosses there! Jack of

spades? Who could be that jack of spades? The new


Da ti shot razmechtalas –

you must be dreaming


the new