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floor space, land, water, electricity and so on compared to an

ordinary line. This is a great advantage and profit, and not only

a question of raising the speed to 150 or 200m/min.

We have already stated that the real and only irreparable

bottleneck of the speed limit is the cut-off. All ways and means

were used to solve this problem, such as double- and triple-

blade milling saws, and even saws with four milling blades.

But given the limited time for making the cut, these applications

also turned out to be very limited. To raise the productivity of

the milling saw, we have to increase the cutting time. To

increase the cutting time, the only way is to increase the

number of the saws, including increasing the number of multi-

blade saws, and not only increasing the number of blades.

Compared to speeding up the milling saw itself, the double-

cart saw has enough time to make the cut, lifetime of the

blades is longer, and the cut-off quality is better. Calculations

and production practice show that at the same line speed the

time for making the cut of the double-cart saw is two to four

times longer than that of a single-cart saw. Or, in other words,

with the same work intensity of the saw, you can raise the line

speed two to four times. Also, the double-cart saw has got

more time for cutting those not easy to cut thick-wall tubes,

and this is very important for heavy mills and mills for special

material products.

In the near future, due to the use of the dual-cart milling

saw cut-off, high-productivity tube mills will get a great

advantage in the market and will become the main trend in

tube production until a new concept of cut-off is born. Tube

producers will gradually realise that as the line speed is an

important issue when choosing tube mill equipment, the basic

point is the speed of producing your main product, and not

the “nominal” speed of the line quoted by the mill equipment

producer. “Nominal” speed is the highest speed performance

of the mill, but the speed of producing your main product and

your mill real production capacity might be much below your

expectations, which may negatively influence your market



milling saw

Double-cart milling saw

Tube mill using

the double-cart

milling saw